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What does Feedsto.com do: 

Feedsto.com gives users a mini-feed of web page events around the world. You view them in real-time, depending on your location. Feedsto.com makes the internet more fun to use in ways of locating what websites around the world have posted and finding new websites for an internet user.
 It works this way, let say you go on your computer and are looking for some activity, or new things to find out on the web. Feedsto.com locates those articles, web pages or events and displays them to you. Quite simple, so explore FTW


Why is Feedsto.com displayed in different languages:

FTW says the world has different cultures. Embrace the diversity. Use the Browsing option to automatically enable translation

What is FTW:

FTW is the abbreviation for FeedstoWORLD platform.
   Which is another given name for Feedsto.com FTW

Why am I having problems with the Search Engine results:

Search Engine results were structured to display information in order of real time algorithmized output, but not in a specific order, that traditional search engine display results.The Popular post section in the search results display what users commonly engage upon on from previous web interactions.

Why am i not receiving deals:

Make sure you sign up in the "deals" section to take advantage of numerous opportunities. If your still having difficulties, contact the FTW Team via our E-support section with details.

FTW Statement:

The FTW Team respects the privacy concerns of all users of Feedsto.com platform. No personal information is automatically collected from visitors. However certain non-personal information of visitors are recorded by the standard operation of the Internet servers and protocols.
Users should review these other entities in order to determine the usage of data information stored.We live, abide and practice a hundred percent tolerance for the term antisaddistic. 

A quick Loop of FTW operations:

How does Feedsto.com work:

Feedsto.com streamlines real web events from the internet and across the hemisphere. 
For example : The User picks USA, you get informational snippets from the major top websites in the USA. The events displayed depend on what the most popular visited websites are in that region, so you wont get web information that are popular in Kenya ; Unless you pick Kenya. Feedsto.com is a platform which you use when your bored and are looking for whats new on the Web to indulge into. Feedsto.com does not store Web page information but just streamlines information till updates replace the old.

How do i Use Feedsto.com

We present to users a simplex platform to utilize. an e.g Scenario; If your bored, and want to know what has been newly posted on the "www." in your country or in a different country or developments across the internet based on your interests. Feedsto.com works to help you out. 

How can a user contact TeamFeedsto or FTW WORLD:

For problems contact us via our E-support.
We understand that some users aren't fully technologically coherent, please email us at the following: Teamfeedsto@africamail.com | TeamFeedsto@asia.com
 TeamFeedsto@europe.com | TeamFeedsto@post.com | global@feedsto.com

Our Office Location: 

Planet Earth, the Internet, and Final Frontier. 
Only Serious Appt contact our FTW e-support Team

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Please note that FTW will not be held be responsible for the opinion or service of anything not designated accordingly around the sphere of our platform!