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Feedsto has thousands of websites in the world stored in our database. Feedsto gives users a mini-feed of webpage events around the world as they are posted. You view them in real-time, depending on your location. Feedsto makes the internet more fun to use in ways of locating what websites around the world have posted and finding new websites for an internet user. It works this way, let say you go on your computer and are looking for something to read, or new things to find out on the web. Feedsto locates those articles, web pages or events and displays them to you.

Quite Simple.



Regular Account, Exclusive Account , ($75 min.deposit / 1 yr fixed w get you Feedsto Phone),Bitcoin, Local /Global Transfer,Escrow, Insurance, Forex , ALTERNATIVE FINANCE, Raffle Sweepstakes Lotto, Credit Check, Get Cards,Support Team,Request Balance,Investment,Loans,and Advisory.
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Sign Up to News letter and receive travel deals on your options for your next trip. Feedsto Jets a better way to fly. 


Listen to your favourite music. Create your own playlist, or listen to our Feedsto playlist. Radio, Different Genres, Ease of Selection, Millions of songs archived and multiple options to meet your music taste can be matched.if your an artist, want to share your music, submit your music too. Also sign up for Feedsto FOX for personalized alert options from HQ.

Get your technology gadgets from Feedsto Technology.Start low to High. For what ever your preferences is or occasion will be.

Visit some of our past and gallery HERE

🛒|FeedstoHub: beta

Shop for Goods. From Cars, Computers, Foods and etc. We are available 24/7 and we guarantee you a smooth e-shopping experience. (Available in Select Countries!!)


Feedsto Cares gets 100 billion dollars in Annual benefits . Want to help someone in need. send us a request and will work with you and follow up. 


Ask Feedsto is a new way to get your questions solved. Send us an email, Send us and SMS. Charges may occur. 


Watch Live Global Tv via Feedsto Vue and from Content Partners wherever you are! Want to stream, and dont know how or having any requests. Just send us a message with your requirements! 
Feedsto Blue (Social TV)
Feedsto Topsy(Social TV)
Feedsto SET ( Live TV )
Feedsto AM (istream)


Feedsto Education

Pick your Area of Interest. Email us and we send you the required course documentation. Some courses are free,Some are not. Some courses require payment, Some don't. It all depends you. 

Accounting, Astronomy,Business,Computers,Web Development,Robotics,Languages,Social Policy,Social Work,Sociology,Sports Science,Theology, Youth Work and more  (for all ages) 

🌄| Box WORLD 

Feedsto Box world illustrates a drawing of the earth surface, borders, train, majoor routes, cool hangout spots, countries, natural borders, rivers, buildings, roads and artificial features. Never ever say your lost again, fingers crossed. Different Map Version are now readily available for you.

👨‍💼| Works 

Get a Job today or Sign up for recruitment. Send us your CV and we scour the web for jobs and your options for you. Successful jobs in certain fields may incur a deducted fee. but Feedsto Jobs remain free forever! 

📴| DUTA (TXT!)

Feedsto DUTA TXT

Even tho, your offline, and not surfing from the comfort of a desktop, laptop or wifi. Feedsto will still be available always
Get Updates / Play Games / and Search the offline /Translate/Dictionary
and more 

. Offline Group is here:

Go Offline now( For Mobile Phones) 

Direct Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/8W8qj5S7E28G9TfaWoFJZ5


Relax , and unwind. Whether you want to play games for leisure,business,lotto,quiz,trivia, or betting. We got you covered. You can either sign up for our tournament alerts to win money for our event championships.


Tell us your legal matter, please be precise about your issue and a quote will be sent to you. Consultation is free.


We pick up your package for you and deliver it. Quite simple tell us what you need to be bought online, and delivered to you. Localize delivery available for faster succession rates.


Feedsto Marketing

What you need to work with Free consultation, just let us know your preference. e.g: SEO, Branding, Adwords, Adsense, CPA, Impression, Website Development, Content Marketing, Marketing Expertise solutions, Personal Support Need and others. 


Credit , Airtime, International Solutions
Call and reach out to loved ones in life from multiple options Or get cool discounts on
Your existing Lines! Yeah Cool like that. 

⛹| Key(beta)

a telecommunications service that helps you manage and customize your phone, voicemail and SMS usage. By signing up with Feedsto Key, you can have one phone number that can access all of your numbers (home, mobile and work). While your number may change if you switch carriers, your Feedsto Key number stays the same for life, unless you choose to change it.Multiple Numbers , VOIP, SOIP, Global Numbers, and Others. Request your service today. 


Our own First of it is kind Sim Card Network Carrier service

🛃| Task 

Request small time and job services for your simple day everyday life.e.g Laundry, Walking the Dogs, Cleaning the Chimney, Care Team Asst and More 

⚡ | Live 360
Sign up for the latest deals, events and social upscale events delivered to your inbox 

Get your email today: Professional hosted email @feedsto.com. You will have access to feedstoworld full email services, including, cloud storage, documents, slides, forms, social media, messaging platform and more . Access using your favorite apps including Outlook,Android, Apple
starts at $5.50 a month per user. Payment for email services go to charitable donations of           Feedsto Cares.  Fill out a form. A password and payment form sent to you.
All set. Remember you can change your password anytime, and our emails has cool benefits which are revealed once your in. Try it.


Lets us design your next project. We offer hosting, domain names, on site developer. Inquire today and find out. 

🤷| e-Support

Email 24/7 Support:
global@feedsto.com teamfeedsto@africamail.com teamfeedsto@asia.com teamfeedsto@europe.com teamfeedsto@post.com and teamfeedsto@usa.com ,etg1@bk.ru, nanafeedsto@mail.ru.
 You can also contact us on our Facebook fanpage or tweet us @teamfeedsto  or reach us here, will get back to you. Follow  


Get Notified on the Feedsto World. Join the Team

True Key™ by Intel Security recognizes you for what makes you unique - like your face, fingerprint, and devices you trust. The True Key™ app remembers and secures your passwords and instantly logs you in to your websites and apps across all your devices. START 

having problems with technology gadgets whether software or hardware, need an assistant or repair technician? Look no further Feedsto Buddy is here. 

🗼|Add on+ 

The Best of Our Site Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser,
no matter where you are on the Web. Powerful Search Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. App Marketplace Choose from thousands of free apps for your browser. Notifications to Your Desktop.Receive our most important news and announcements instantly Hand Picked Links,Check out all of our favorite places on the Web.

⛺| Stocks

Check out all of our favorite places on the Web. Learn about how you can invest into Feedsto.com private placement stocks, are stocks private placed for now, but will be soon public...we are so confident that we will give you thirty dollars for every purchase above 100dollars.

⛷| Buyback

Feedsto buy back, buys your unwanted products. For immediate sales expect lower prices for your gadgets.for inquiries please contact us 


Health is important and we know it...If your feeling sick, why not talk to us, Our Doctors are the best in the world and will give you the quality, and swift services needed. 


Feedsto FOOD is a service where you list your feeding options and we take care of the rest to fill you up. Order Food, Get Concierge Service, Find Food, Request Food, and More . 

Let us take care of your printing with our extensive network and experience. Sign Up today and Fillup your card, to get A Feedsto Digiprint Card for you to use our services.Worldwide and Global 


We are always looking for people to work with in our every ending expanding company called Feedsto. At Feedsto Careers we might have your right pick full or part time global. Send us a CV and will getting starting.

🔟| Radar 

Power your Browsing experience with Feedsto Radar, which includes Search, VPN, HTML, DNS and great responsive layout of website templates.Works in all languages and has a Private Mode setting. Works with most operating system.  Download it NOW

See us fyre and wire the web up with just a bunch random bunch of stories from our team of editors and robotics bots in action. Real Cool stuff what we like. 

Meet our CEO\Founder His Royal HR EFEMENA TIMBO (Ghost1) and the team  , take a tour of the complex operations of our Feedsto WORLD.

🔭| Wishlist

What you need from us that is micro task, that you need someone to plan or discuss that is what Feedsto Wishlist is about. Request it, and Deliver it. Just Like MAGIC!


Tell us what your good at, Feedsto Talent will come scout you out. Then if we like what you got. We start those talks, were talking board room talks. e.g Sports, Modelling, Music, Acting and More.


Feedsto Shares works in the ways of you buying our stocks from our business range of networks. Feedsto Shares is currently active but not yet active. Stock Purchase of one our shares starts at 2 dollars per share as of 2016 May... We have 24Million shares left, out of 60 Million on our global index operations of privates shares available to other entities and parties.

👣| Ride 

Feedsto Ride is a service network that enables one to get a ride anywhere on the planet, and we are talks with aliens to expands our service to Mars(maybe were joking, but try are ride services)

🏠| Bunker

Not being able to get what you want by your own, need a concierge service to find homes, housing, hotels or place to rest will take care of it our responsive and million of locations which is under the  Team Feedsto roof and network. Send your preferences today, and we move.

Our Feedsto ET robot with the alias , is our first computerized robot ready to help walk you thru the internet... Was created to make sure that while you surf the web, you have a companion by your side. say hi.

Inspired our favourite hero from an alternate world, we at Feedsto Goku believe you would love the fact that you can automate your social networks which is facebook, twitter, and other platform automatically with cool designated templates and auto mate relevate contents. Sign up with the Facebook  if having problems use our Feedsto World support Login, fill out all relevant information.

🎥| 60
Visual and Graphics to what Feedsto does, that has thousands of websites in the world stored in our database. Feedsto gives users a mini-feed of webpage events around the world as they are posted. You view them in real-time, depending on your location. 

 The whole idea is to give and merge all social and communications onto one platform. Simplicity is the aim not the key, in other terms!

🎏|Open 1 

 Feedsto Open enables you to customize your web news and personalize it to the taste of what you want to work with. We dont know what you like to read, what time you do or what language is your preferred but what we know that is , you will get a full personalized custom experience of the web. Open the Web,
Start from a single download and blast off into a universal web portal of unlimited options!  

👽|Open 2
Feedsto Open enables you to customize your web news and personalize it to the taste of what you want to work with. We dont know what you like to read, what time you do or what language is your preferred but what we know that is , you will get a full personalized custom experience of the web. Open the Web , Start from a single download and blast off into a universal web portal of unlimited options! 

Feedsto Bird is an interactive service that allows you to enable tab....Power up your city via usb port, and get info about your code. Available in select cities. Information , Everywhere.

💬💬💬 | Push
Feedsto Push notifications enables users to subscribe into Feedsto World/ Team Feedsto and stay in the loop without email notifications. Basically think about it as, hands free subscriptions to the Feedsto World, a word full of unlimited options.

✨ | SpaceXUND
Sign Up to updates of Feedsto Alternative projects in Space, Rockets, Astronomy, Engineering and Technological Developments.

Feedsto GROUND is our highly efficient way we manage waste management. We use inclusive technological strategies and know how to safely discard or recycle your waste goods. Inquire today we have low monthly plans depending on what your solutions needs to be attained.
Love Local, Get Rewarded, that simple!

Random surf the web for no reason at all.
 Currency Exchange platform on the Go!