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What does Feedsto.com do ? - 

 Feedsto gives users a mini-feed of webpage events around the world as they are posted. 
You view them in real-time, depending on your location. Feedsto makes the internet more fun to use in ways of locating what websites around the world have posted and finding new websites for an internet user.
 It works this way, let say you go on your computer and are looking for something to read, or new things to find out on the web. Feedsto locates those articles, web pages or events and displays them to you. Quite Simple. Explore our website. 

US and Canada Mail:
45 Rockerfeller Plaza, Manhattan, NY Union Hall, 
Columbus OH 1776 Mentor Avenue · 
Cincinnati, OH 48 Wall Street, NY 
244 2nd Ave Floor New York 10001 
100 Church Street, Manhattan 
229 Yonge Street, Suite 400, Toronto, Ontario, 

1 A Wole Ariyo, Admirarlty Way, Lekki 1 Lagos,
 Nigeria 23 Utomi Aire, Lekki 1 Lagos, Nigeria 
Nurses House , Victoria Island, Lagos, 
Nigeria 21 Road Festac ,Gaucom Plaza,Lagos, Nigeria
 Presidential Floor, Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra Independence Avenue, Accra, Ghana Red-Con Building,
 New Cairo Financial Center (140), Zone 1, 
Banking road 02 BP 20050, Lomé 02, Togo. La Grande Poste, Ave De La Liberation, Lome, Togo 
Mandela Rhodes Place, Corner Wale Street and Burg Street, Cape Town, South Africa Telco Building, PO Box 1840 Code 1110, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Hilton DHL Express Travel Group Inside Hilton Addis Ababa Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Middle East and Asia:
ADGM Square, Maryah Island, Al Maqam Tower, 
34th & 35th Floor, Abu Dhabi, 
UAE 19th Floor, Tower-C, DLF Epitome (Building Number 5) situated at DLF CyberGurgaon, Phase – II, Haryana, Gurgaon, New Delhi, India 122002
 Blue Tower, Bank Street, Swords Signal, Doha,Qatar 
B2 Autoway Tower, 4/7 Yeongdong -daen Ganganm Seoul Electra Tower - 33 Floors, 98 Yigal Alon Street, 
Tel Aviv Cebel Place, Rosedale,Auckland 0632,New Zealand 12/F International Commerce Centre, 
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Harrow F.G, Harrow on the Hill, London, England 4 Bonhil Street, London Mappin House, Oxford Street, London, W1W 8HF Platform 2A (next to the kiosk), Stationsplein 19-W, 1012 AB Amsterdam Terminal 3,
 Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, 
2770 Copenhagen Calle Moreno, Nieto 2, Madrid, Spain Zabkowska 33C Nieporecka 14th street 03-736 Warsaw,Poland Larsbjornsstraede 3, 1454 Copenhagen La Grande Arche, Paroi Nord, La Défense, 92044 Paris France 

South America:
O2 Corporate & Offices, 1st Floor – Building Evolution V, José Silva de Azevedo Neto Av. 200, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Teleport Business Park, Calle 113 No. 7 - 21 . Torre A. Piso 11, Bogota

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Why is Feedsto in different languages? 
Efemena says, users most FAQ is, why the homepage is not featured in my native language. The simple response is, not everyone speaks your native language. The information posted on the homepage is from around the world, highlighting where new things are being posted currently on the internet. Choose categories to get a different language or use the Google Chrome Browser that automatically enables users to translate languages back into your native language. 

Why am i having problems with the search engine results? 
Search Engine results were structured to display information in order of real time posted, not in the order that traditional search engine display results. 

The Popular post section in the search results display what users commonly click on from previous searches from other users. 

Why am i not receivng Free deals? 
Make sure you sign up to the "free deals" section. The news section that enables you to personalize your news is different. 
 How many Locations can a user select?-
50+ countries

Feedsto.com is for the community, so community guidelines and rules apply . So Everyone is happy
Any inquiries : Click here

Privacy Statement:
The Team respects the privacy concerns of all users of Feedsto.com. No personal information is automatically collected from visitors. However, certain non-personal information of visitors is recorded by the standard operation of the Internet servers.
You should carefully review these other Web Sites or Internet Servers' privacy policies in order to determine the usage of some non personal information stored.

How does this work?-
Feedsto stream-lines real web events from all the websites in the World.
For example : The User picks USA, you get information from the major top websites in the US. The events displayed depend on what the most popular visited websites are in that region, so you wont get web information that
are popular in Kenya ; Unless you pick Kenya.
You can use it when your bored and are looking for whats new on the Web, when your on the internet.
Feedsto does not store Webpage information but just streamlines till the new information replaces the old ones. 

How do i Use it?-
Feedsto.com is easy to use
an e.g Scenario; If your bored, and want to know what has been newly posted on the "www." in your country or in a different country
Feedsto.com helps you out. With the top 20 events available

How can a user contact TeamFeedsto?
Teamfeedsto@africamail.com,TeamFeedsto@asia.com, TeamFeedsto@europe.com, TeamFeedsto@post.com and TeamFeedsto@usa.com. You can also contact us on our facebook fanpage wall or tweet us or post a comment here on our contact form.

What is Feedsto? 

Google us. We have plenty more sources. 

Any Video Help: Yes Plenty. 

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